Pour Over Method Coffee Brewing - Best Recipe


Pour Over Method

  1. A digital scale and thermometer

  • 15 grams fresh coffee beans
  • Grinder
  • V60 paper filters
  • Pour over dripper
  • Kettle
  • Filtered water


  1. Fill kettle with filtered water and bring to a boil, or using a digital thermometer bring to 195-205 degrees
  2. Weigh out 15 grams of coffee on your digital scale.
  3. Fold the v60 paper filter on its crease so that it fits flush inside the brewer, then place the filter inside the brewer.
  4. Pour some hot filtered water over the filter to rinse paper flavor from the filter and preheat the brewer.
  5. Grind the coffee on a medium fine setting, it should be the consistency of table salt.
  6. Pour the coffee into the rinsed, damp filter.
  7. Make sure the filtered water is at the right temperature to brew, it should be between 195-205 degrees. If you do not have a digital thermometer, simply wait a few minutes after it stops boiling.
  8. Weigh out 240 ml of water from your kettle.
  9. Pour the water over the top of the grounds in slow, concentric circles until the grinds are fully saturated. Then wait 30-45 seconds before pouring about half of the remaining water over the coffee slowly and in concentric circles.
  10. Wait as the water drips through for a few seconds, then continue this process of pouring and waiting until all the water is used.
  11. Once the dripping from the cone has slowed to a stop, enjoy your coffee.
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