Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks To Try Now

Let’s be real though, it’s not that we are totally lazy girls! There’s just not enough time in the day to do everything perfectly. That’s why these weight loss hacks are so important to make a lifestyle change. Little steps that you can do right now to experience big changes later.

  • Drink more water

This one is kind of obvious, I guess. Personally I can lose 2 – 3 pounds in 3 days if I give up drinking Cokes! There are so many benefits to drinking water like better skin, hair, and even reduced headaches. Not to mention it can make you feel fuller before eating a meal.
  • Buy a cute workout outfit

 I know it’s kinda vain, but I love getting new workout clothes.
  • Create a workout playlist

Nothing gets me in the mood to workout better than a good song. It takes my mind off of the activity I’m doing and pumps me up to get through a workout that I’m dreading.
  • Eat more protein

Protein is really important to help with weight loss. You have to eat the right protein like chicken, fish, low fat ground beef or turkey, and eggs/egg whites to help with weight loss. I like to have protein at every meal and snack. For snacks I will add peanut butter, almonds, greek yogurt, low-fat cheese stick, or a protein shake.
  • Find healthy replacements for food you love
  • Plan your meals in advance

Create a meal plan and cook your meals in advance. Sometimes I will double the recipe from dinner so that we can have it for lunch the next day or another dinner later in the week. It’s a great way to save time and money.
  • Go to the Gym
  • Energize

This is my secret weapon…Essential Amino Energy. This is a caffeine supplement with protein (amino acid) for muscle recovery and energy and focus.

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